About Kerala

A wide search of words and synonyms is necessary for the description of all the assets possessed by the land of coconut trees. With the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats in the east, Kerala rests with her evergreen eloquent charm and poise.

The marvel of natural engineering that cropped Kerala with such an inexplicable craftiness is the prime reason for the protuberant positioning of the state among the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. Apart from the wide spreading network of the 44 rivers and the other pristine sceneries, Kerala also puts forward its own unique contributions to the world. Be it in the culinary aspects or the lifestyle.

Ayurveda, yoga, equable climate, long written history of the state, the existed dynasties, Vedas and what more! The list becomes endless when we add the stretches of pristine backwaters, serene beaches lined with the palms, luxuriantly bracing hill stations and the exotic wildlife that owns the majestic elephants and lion tailed macaque to the furious and riled up tigers and the long billed hornbills.

Following these facets are the captivating art forms, the festivals, and other religious and tribal practises, the indigenous mural arts that give a pleasant exotic feel to any first time onlooker. A perfect blend of all those awe inspiringing diverse geographical, historical, culinary features and culture can be found nowhere else and is hence the definite reason for being the God’s Own Country.

The lands of Kerala are said to be recovered from the sea by the sage Parasurama. The land also had a bright history reign of Mahabali, who is believed to visit his former kingdom every year in the month of August, marking the state’s festival, Onam. The rich flower carpets and the scrumptious sadhya makes the celebration of Onam while the ceremonial splendor marked by feasting and burning of fire crackers brightens Vishu. The traditional art forms in Kerala is very palpable that ranges from the very old theatre dance – drama Kathakali, ritual form of worshipping through Theyyam, elegant dance forms like Mohiniyattam, to the satirical Chaakyar Koothu and Oottamtullal,..

The existence of all these performing arts along with the rich, bright, complex and sophisticated mural arts, wall paintings, craft items like Aaranmula kannadi, Chundan Vallam ( beaked boat), and the traditional Kerala sari just prefixes the distinctive and one-off trademarks of the state.

The tropical land with the Western Ghats forming a protective barrier against the dry winds and the vast stretched coastal belt wedges this state comprising 14 districts. With the uncountable tourist destinations and the favouring equable climate and toothsome foodstuffs Kerala stands exquisitely in the southern tip, showing her pride and inexplicable beauty.