India Fashion Summit Explained: Beyond Celebrities, Designers and Discussions

India Fashion Summit

India Fashion Summit is a creative platform for those who love fashion to share their passion, initiate growth talks and to develop an ecosystem for the sustainable development of fashion and will be an event first of its kind in India and is being hosted in Kerala this year. The calm waters, the rush of colors evident in the Kerala scenery and the land’s history of traditional textile and weaving make for an exceptional setting for a platform that celebrates fashion and design and  which will bring together national fashion influencers and create a chance to interact with the best of the best.

Loosely defined as a premier business conference for the fashion industry, India Fashion Summit will provide a well rounded view of the issues that impact the fashion industry. It will seek to cover strategies that can enhance the competiveness of the fashion business as well as issues needed to sustain the growth of the fashion industry keeping it on par with the emergence of new consumer trends and behavior.

But what does a Fashion Summit actually entail?

Every industry has issues that need to be addressed for its growth. A Summit, be it fashion or otherwise is a meeting of the leaders in the field to address topics that will help tackle the challenges and further the growth of the industry.

For India Fashion Summit, the specific objectives are to:

  • Tackle the challenges faced by today’s fashion industry
    • Building a well-connected and co-operative fashion network for tomorrow.
    • Expose the budding talents in the field of fashion
    • Create a mentor platform for the budding talents

It also strives to provide an ecosystem for the sustainable development of fashion and to bring together various fashion stake holders under one roof and will eventually act as an Eco system for the effective policy making, sustainable development, and as a platform for the budding talents. It will also create a venue where the attendees can interact with the leading fashion experts and create network.

Who should attend a Fashion Summit event?

Although the association of the word “Fashion” might make the event appealing to anyone with a remote interest in fashion, this event is aimed at those who takes fashion seriously. Fashion Designers, Fashion Entrepreneurs, Marketing Heads of Fashion Brands, Fashion Models and Photographers, Fashion Icons, Fashion Journalists & Bloggers, Fashion Stylists & Makeup Artists, Fashion Students and Faculties, Visual Merchandisers of Fashion outlets, Fashion Retailers, Fashion connoisseur and consultants are the categories of people who would benefit the most from a fashion summit.

Although the association of the word “Fashion” might make the event appealing to anyone with a remote interest in fashion, this event is aimed at those who take fashion seriously

What will be the topics under scrutiny for India Fashion Summit 2016?

The scopes for improvement in an industry cannot be discussed and addressed over night; it will be an ongoing process that India Fashion Summit will hope to change through the years. But for India Fashion Summit 2016, the particular points of discussion will be:

  • Creativity: 25 Years Of Designer Fashion
  • Retail – The Challenges Of Fashion Sales
  • Fashion & South – Opportunities & Challenges

Who are the eminent speakers at India Fashion Summit 2016?

India Fashion Summit is indeed a national event that will have fashion pioneers of the age such as designers Manish Malhotra who has created many iconic Bollywood Fashion looks,  Sabyasachi Mukherjee who rose from anonymity to become one of India’s leading designers of current time and
Rahul Mishra who is an iconic Indian designer and the first Indian to get the international Woolmark prize at Milan Fashion Week which was previously won by the likes of Karl Lagerfield and Giorgio Armani. It will also play host to Fashion journalists Vinod Nair (Fashion Editor,Hindustan Times) and Neena Haridas (Editor, L’Officiel) and  Online Fashion Retail Heads like Narendra Kumar (Chief Creative Officer,  Amazon) and Pernia Qureshi (Founder, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop).

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